The Astronauts Memorial Foundation is proud to partner with Apollo 13 astronaut and American hero Fred Haise to offer PCGS graded Apollo 11 coins, with inserts hand signed by Haise

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PCGS, the numismatic industry’s most-trusted third-party grading service, has graded and encapsulated a limited number of Apollo 11 50th Anniversary Commemorative Coins on behalf of The Astronauts Memorial Foundation.   

The coins provided to PCGS are from AMF’s limited allocation of Launch Ceremony product and feature an insert with a hand-signed signature from Apollo 13 astronaut Fred Haise. 

Thad Altman, president of AMF, states “The Astronauts Memorial Foundation is excited about partnering with PCGS on the grading and encapsulation of these historic Apollo Commemorative Coins. We chose to work with PCGS due to their high-regard in the numismatic community and the safety, security, and aesthetics of the PCGS holder.  By combining these coins with American hero Fred Haise’s signature we are offering a unique collectible to both the numismatic and space hobbies/markets”. 

Although astronaut Haise is best known for his role in the Apollo 13 mission, Haise was also a key contributor to the development of the Apollo lunar lander and was the first man to pilot a space shuttle when he successfully landed Space Shuttle Enterprise after it was released from a modified Boeing 747 shuttle carrier aircraft on August 12, 1977. 

All coins offered for sale by AMF come from the official First Day of Issue Coin Launch Ceremony at Kennedy Space Center on January 24th, 2019.  Only the coins submitted by AMF to PCGS will carry this “Launch Ceremony” pedigree.

The proceeds from the sales of these coins will go to further AMF’s mission to both honor our fallen astronauts and to inspire future generations of scientists, technologists, engineers, and mathematicians.

These special autographed encasements can be purchased on The Astronauts Memorial Foundation website at